Young Architects Master Class: Our City Our Playground

  • 4 Jul 2022
  • 9:00 AM
  • 5 Jul 2022
  • 6:00 PM
  • The Polygon Gallery, 101 Carrie Cates Ct, North Vancouver, BC


  • There is no charge for attending this event. Spaces are limited.



The AEF Master Class for Grade 9–12 students shall pick up on the legacy of Arthur Erickson who left us with a continuous source of debate, which were constantly advocated by inspirational explorations!

“Illusion is needed to disguise the emptiness within.”
— Arthur Erickson

In this light, we will embark on a project that will take on a science fiction mode with a critical look at the realities of Post-Pandemic Architecture; particularly on a socio-urbanistic scale, seeking ideas from the design community and together with our young creatives from high schools to contemplate the future of our intimate space, the workspace, the public space and the local tourism industry. The chosen site is an intense transport node for land, sea and air. The city is severed by this infrastructural crater! The Master Class will spike up visionary ideas with the young creatives whose naiveté would be the greatest imaginative force to allow the city and its citizens to re-congregate and heal this urban scar!


An experiment in Social Urbanism; designing a pleasure-seeking ‘urban thrill fix’ in a form of a new choreography in the City of Vancouver’s skyline, that marries harmoniously to its picturesque North Shore mountains. A hyper realistic artifice to encourage playfulness and pump up the adrenaline to a city that has been held captive to a quarantine lock-down for far too long!


Situated in the hollow of the Polygon Gallery and overlooking the City of Vancouver’s skyline, the Master Class will take on a laboratorial approach to dissect the present norms of public and private spaces and challenge the relevance of mobility and argue the viability of the indoors to its counterpart—the expansive attractions of the outdoors!

Young creatives are encouraged to explore via an array of mediums to illustrate their visionary thoughts.

  • Fictive Hand-Drawing
  • Digital + Photographic Collage
  • 3D Printed Models


July 4 – July 5, 2022: The Polygon Gallery | N Vancouver | 9am to 6pm


Law Courts Great Hall, Vancouver | July 5 July 7, 2022 (more information here)


Chris Doray, Clint Cuddington, Nazlee Moayed Markowsky, Nahal Jahar, Olive Cuddington, Eero Cuddington, Mehran Parnian

3D Modelling Crew | NESTCDS

Yekta Tehrani, Piotr Pasierbinski, Lukas Vajda, Mehran Parnian