Vitality is radiated from exceptional art and architecture.”  
Arthur Erickson  


A better world through inspired architecture.


The Arthur Erickson Foundation is a registered charity founded to promote appreciation of the legacy of visionary Canadian architect Arthur Erickson (1924-2009) by:  

  1. Preserving Arthur Erickson’s house and garden, the locus of Arthur Erickson’s thought, work, and experimentation  
  2. Advocating for respectful stewardship of Arthur Erickson’s physical works, including his buildings and landscapes, his artwork, his writings, and photographs
  3. Inspiring future generations to seek, as Arthur Erickson did, the deep understanding and aesthetic that informs great design
  4. Advancing education in and understanding of architecture and design and related history and philosophy.  


  1. Create the administrative structures and funding mechanisms necessary for the long-term management of AEF programs.   
  2. Preserve the Erickson House and Garden in Point Grey, Vancouver, as an important living link to understanding his life and work, by  
    • Restoring and maintaining the house and garden
    • Maintaining a publicly accessible site that reveals his design principles and provides a frame of reference for understanding his ideas
    • Establishing in the house and garden an exhibition based on the life and work of Arthur Erickson.
  3. Designate and commemorate buildings and environments designed by Arthur Erickson, and advocate for their good stewardship.   
  4. Establish travel study scholarships and other awards for Canadian students of architecture and related disciplines whose achievements hold promise of fulfilling the spirit of Erickson’s work.  
  5. Support research, archival and scholarly work related to Arthur Erickson.   

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Photo credit: Vancouver Sun