Exhibited: 'Erickson’s Building in the Landscape', by Julie Duschenes

10 Nov 2023 2:53 PM | William McLean (Administrator)

Fifteen paintings of Erickson’s Building in the Landscape, inspired by Arthur Erickson's University of Lethbridge project designed in 1968 with Geoffrey Masseyare on exhibit in the Concourse Gallery at CASA in Lethbridge, Alberta until January 13, 2024. Artist Julie Duschenes says this of her work: "My interest in Erickson’s university building… is combined with my love of the coulee landscape. Over the years, this combination has become more about the building as part of the landscape, rather than seeing the landscape through the building. The landscape is the context affected by the building rather than the reverse. From a distance, the university building sits comfortably in the coulees, stratified like the layers of geology and resting on the bottom of what was the Inland Sea…"
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