While not having the prominence of SFU or some of his houses, the Evergreen Building on Pender Street is one of Arthur Erickson’s most influential and important designs. Designed to be flexible as either offices or apartments, the Evergreen has a crisp urban edge along Pender Street, then transforms ingeniously to stacked trays of landscaped decks on the harbour side. Through a multi-year effort by many individuals, businesses and institutions, the Evergreen Building has not just been saved from demolition, but fully preserved. The first example of 1970s Modernist architecture to be both historically designated and fully restored in Western Canada, this reception and presentation at IBI Group’s renewed main floor premises will, for the first time, publicly tell the full story of how the Evergreen Building was saved then preserved, in the words of those who did it. Please join us for this very special fundraising evening (for the Arthur Erickson Foundation), celebrating a key success in Vancouver architectural culture.

March 28, 2019, 5:00 to 8:00 PM

at The Evergreen Building
1285 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC
Hors d'oeuvres and first drink included; cash bar

Hold the date! This is a fundraising evening benefiting AEF programs and initiatives, including the Arthur Erickson House and Garden. Tickets are very limited, and will be released first come, first served. Price is $125 each (with a $100 tax receipt). If you are not already an Arthur Erickson Foundation member, join and ensure the ongoing preservation of Erickson's legacy; click here for detailsSpecial pricing for new and current AEF members: $100 (with $75 tax receipt).
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5:00 Reception in renovated main floor IBI studios in the Evergreen Building. At 5:15 and 5:30 IBI staff will take optional small groups of guests to their architectural studios on upper floors, visiting the restored decks with their spectacular harbour views.

6:00 Telling the Evergreen Story. Architecture Critic/Curator and AEF Board Member Trevor Boddy will act as host, giving a short critical introduction “Evergreen’s Sources and Influences: Plan 56 to Bjarke Ingels.” Presentations will include:

  • “Evergreen’s Design in Detail” by two key Arthur Erickson collaborators on the building and its landscape, project architect Barry Johns of Edmonton/Phoenix, and landscape architect Cornelia Hahn Oberlander of Vancouver.
  • “Why We Chose the Evergreen Building and Fought to Preserve It” by IBI Group president David Thom, whose firm moved into the building fifteen years ago and now occupy four floors.
  • “The Architecture of the Deal” by former Co-Director of Vancouver Planning and AEF Board Member Larry Beasley on the complex extension of civic policies and good will to move Evergreen’s density elsewhere, then oversee its designation and full preservation.
  • “A Legacy for the Future” about the design and the current construction of a wood high rise abutting the east elevation of the Evergreen Building by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, who considers his leading-edge design here as a homage to Erickson and his building, presented by local associate from the office of Walter Francl.

7:15 Questions and comments, then wrap to formal program by AEF President Phil Boname. Continuation of reception over coffee, upper studio deck tours for night-time harbour views, for guests who missed previous ones.

Sponsored by the Arthur Erickson Foundation in conjunction with IBI Group.

Photo credit: Chris Erickson